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Plugins in nazenani.

The cause nazenani avoid to use plugins.

Plugins should be installed by uploading plugin files to server directory directly.

  • To keep lightness of site weight.
  • To write more script by own hands.

But nanashi often surface the event to need plugins.
So, nazenani use some plugins.

From now on, check them.

Add custom quick tag buttons to editor.
nanashi add some html tags with class or id.
Admin Menu Editor
Customize menus in dashboard.
Protect spams.
Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order
Sort categories and terms.
Crayon Syntax Highlighter
To show source code like php, html, jQuery.
Custom Post Type Permalinks
Customize Custom Post Type Permalinks.
Multi Device Switcher
Change themes when device changed.
nanashi use this to change theme on my mood.
Setting custom post type in nazenani.
nanashi use this to change theme on my mood.
PS Disable Auto Formatting
Avoid WordPress auto tag addition.
Rewrite Rules Inspector
Check rerite roles.
TinyMCE Advanced
Functionality enhancement of WordPress visual editor. And add newline tags.
Top Level Categories
Remove string “category” from URL.
Top Level Categories Fix
Bug fix of Top Level Categories.
Especially, pagenation disfunction.
WP Multibyte Patch
Functionality enhancement of WordPress japanese package.
WP User Avatar
change avatar.

While making WordPress site, The most troubled matter is URL problem.
typing objective URL and move unexpected page, etc….
Some plugins solve the problems.
Plugin is usable and easy to make site. But using multiple plugin causes slow movement of the site.
It’s better to use necessary plugins only.


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