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WordPress:which blank theme is better?

I, Nanashi established this blog site at last!

I want to customize WordPress without being bound by common themes.
So I Tried use “blank theme” using HTML5.
Blank themes have just basic parts of WordPress without extra functions.

Firt, I had to choice one of blank themes.
There are some blank themes in WordPress world.
I choosed 3 themes below.

Now this site is made by Underscares.

I began to make this site by NAKED WORDPRESS. It’s kind for newby web creator.
Each templates, Each scripts have explanation of those. We can study using it.
but I could not customize comment form with it. I’m also newby web creator.
so I didn’t know how to customize this theme.

Then, I thought changing theme. Next theme is Underscore.
this theme has orthodox themplates and plite explanation. Blank themes are almost have explanation of itself, that’s nice!
Underscore make me easy to customize web site. When I met some troubles, Google helped me.
Thus, I got my blog site.

I didn’t use “Bones” this time, but try it soon.
And still seeking how to customize comment form with NAKED WORDPRESS. Does anyone know?

Attention when using blank themes.

Discard style.css in theme if you don’t need.

Most people will prepair html and CSS before embedding static site in WordPress.

Blank themes have also original CSS. Sometimes it do unlikely working.
If theme’s CSS inhibits your CSS code, daringly discard it!

Select appropriate server.

When I installed WordPress with theme “Underscore” in free server, I got erre message like “too many redirects”.
It was caused by “header()”,php script in theme.

This problem was solved by installing it in paid server.
When using blank themes, we should be better to select server carefully.


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