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  6. Custom post type

Custom post type

Set customfield.

Custom field can be setted by plugin. But it is not flexible to get the values and use them.
WPAlchemy gives flexibility to customfield.

How to use WPAlchemy?

  1. Download WPAlchemy.
  2. Open zip file and check contents.
    • wpalchemy-master/wp-content
      • wpalchemy
        • MediaAccess.php
        • MetaBox.php
      • themes
        • mytheme
          • metaboxes
            • checkbox-meta.php
            • checkbox-spec.php
            • full-meta.php
            • full-spec.php
            • meta.css
            • radio-meta.php
            • radio-spec.php
            • select-meta.php
            • select-spec.php
            • setup.php
            • simple-meta.php
            • simple-spec.php
          • functions.php
  3. Put metaboxes in using theme folder.
  4. Put wpalchemy in wp-content folder.
  5. The contents in functions.php of WPAlchemy transfer to functions.php in your theme.
  6. Create template_metabox.php in metaboxes folder. Refer other php files as full-meta.php. This is frame of customfield.
  7. Add script setup.php and set customfield.
  8. Go to dashboard and input data.
  9. Get customfield value.
    There are 2 ways of getting a value.

※OPTION: If you use media upload function, set it.


WPAlchemy MetaBox PHP Class
How To Integrate the WordPress Media Upload Box Into Your Meta Boxes


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