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The history of makig original theme.

Started to make original theme “nazenani”!

Made site wire frame.
Thought wire frame by using cacoo.
Designed web site.
nazenani uses no images, so designed by paper and pen.
Coded HTML and CSS
nazenani has only 4 templates as index, archive page, lower page, demo page.
Included static pages in WordPress.
Including process was done in local virtual server.
When completed 80% of including process, upload all data to server and post articles.
After uploaded, inputted data and check the site functions.
Fixed bug. From this time continue to bug fix days….
Completed top page, post archive and detail page.
Fixed all conditional branches,basic WP loops, comment, pagenation.
I was troubled some bugs fixing difficult.
I’v done all things needed to fix (changed plugin, improved pagenation).
Made java script/jQuery demo pages.
Complete to make demo page template.
Add custom post type and customfield
Now constructing….

To be continued.


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