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  1. nazenani

'nazenani' is laboratory of web creation.

Now under reconstruction.
!See more!

Here's the test site, always unfinished.
Author is nanashi(means 'noname' in English) the newby web creator.
All things which need for web creation are verified here.
Sometimes nanashi will write wrong knowledge. Then give me advises. Please help nanashi with your abundant knowledge.

The features of this site.

This site is created under some rules.

Don't use images as much as possible, actively using CSS.

Pursuing posibility of CSS3. CSS will give us more fun and unique design.

Sticking to fonts and icons.

Web fonts, icon fonts are actively used in this site.

The purpose is absolutely 'study for creation of web contents'

nanashi must study harder, and outputs knowledge nanashi gets.

nanashi accepts your comments except those malicious.

nanashi welcomes any nice comments in English, Japanese(native speaker), French.