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CSS styling in nazenani

Textures, buttons, all of Pictorial elements in this site is structured by CSS, not using image files.
From now on, I'll introduce these scripts.

Site title area

Colorful dotted background

  • L5: Decide background size. it causes to dicide circle size.
  • L2: Draw circles, set patternof attributions in parallel.
    This site uses 2 color of circles. Let circle repeat.
  • L6: Change position of blue circles.

Title background

  • L1: Draw ellipse.
  • L2: Rotate ellipse.

Footer area: Stripe


  • L1: Decide background color.
  • L2: Draw stripes and change angle of strip.

Global navigation area: Check patterns


  • L4,11: Decide background color.
  • L5,12: Draw stripes and change angle of strip.
  • L6-,13-: Change positions of stripes.

Sidebar: Stripe


  • L1: Decide stripe details. This part is a little difficult.
    After changed angle, adjust gradient percentage. This stripe use 3 pattern gradients.
Use “gradient” attribution.
Rotate items.


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