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What is SVG?

SVG is being popular day by day.
By the way, What is SVG?
Oops! I don't know it well...
So, let's think about it together.

Enchantment of SVG

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a images format name and  a technology to display vector images, such as those created in Illustrator. Unlike bitmap format images such as JPEG and PNG,  image quality is high and quality of vector format images does not degrade by scaling. 

Furthermore because SVG can be write out as a text file, versatility is very high In vector data. this SVG is “because it is creating a text file, versatility is very high. It is easy to manage because it describ in XML format. SVG has good affinity with JavaScript , you can make exellent of contents with ease. 

To correspond to the high-resolution display and smartphone, creators has been made an effort . But SVG will make solved that agenda. Now we don’t need prepare two-times size of images for high-resolution display,and  you don’t need to be reduced to absolute size of images.

Component of SVG

SVG is vector image which represents the magnitude and direction.

Vector images are expressed by calculating a line by connecting points and the point of coordinate position. Since vector images are calculated as images each displaying time, the data of images itself is small,  the images can be displayed without degradation.

Why spread of SVG has been delayed?

SVG was bone in 2001 by W3C. But today, it start that people use SVG in Web business at last.
Why people did not use SVG untile now?

It cause that many browser(especially Internet Explorer) don’t accept to use SVG in olden days.
Now almost browser accept SVG. (See ‘can i use‘).
Oh…,it’s great. SVG is beginning to be in the limelight now.



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