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The methods to creat UI design.

Think about users.

Understand human mind well.

The action of persons has a reason why do so.
We should know it well.
Consider that human will behave along instinct basically.

Be attention human behavior.

It is important the thinking “It may be…”. People spontaneously do what has possibility to be able to do. For example, “It may be able to push” It may be able to open.

Behavior of human have reason why do so. Design trends based on the reason why peolple do so.
And more, Add reality in design. It makse desingn have reliable

Also attend People having Impaired color vision.

Do not lost attention toward to UI.

Lost attention cause persons leaving from web site.

Users have the rights of choice.

User have the rights of rights of what they do.
Designer should not snatch away it.

The flow of decision of design.

  • Decision the target person.
  • Decision what they do and how they do.
  • Create the persona based above.

Think about design.


  • form
  • color
  • font

Round forms give us comfortable image and warm image.

Color is important element, Site image changes drastically when use warm color or cool color.

Font is difficult part. We must think its “form”, “letter spase”, “text lenghth” and “size”.

Copyright infringement is the worst behavior.

Attention copyrights. we don’t infringe it.


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