Recent trends on web -2016.02-

I’v picked up recent web trends until 2016.02.

Web site structure.

full screen and one~a few pages sites is still popular.

In Japanese, EC sites and corporate sites are still layouted 3 columns structure.

Web contents.

Now blog sites has one concept.
Its merits are perhaps good Attraction readers and getting good evaluation from google crawler.

Personally, the contents themes should be totally free and have variety.

Important things on web are knowledge, variety and fun(this is the most important).
If all sites have knowledge except fun, I would be sick to watch it.
Uniformity is not the best trend.


Today increasing the site using canvas and SVG. For logos, simple graphic, using canvas and SVG.
But the sites is few that use them mainly.


Web site motion.

Drag and drop update is mainstream of uploading media.
This is good improvement of usability.

Infinite scroll is also mainstream of contents display.

Button hover effects show us popularity of SVG animation.

The change of trends are based on “mobile first”, and new technology which allowed various browser.

I think web technology no longer exceed browser performance.
I wish that browser performance always catch up trend technology.