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sass-autocompile -Text editor Atom Package-

What is sass-autocompile?

“sass-autocompile” is a package of text editor Atom.
This package is for Sass, Scss users.
“.sass” or “.scss” is compiled “.css” by it.

How to setting it?

  1. Install node.js.
  2. Install node-sass globally.
  3. Install the pack via Atom.
  4. Enable to use the package.
  5. Do set up.

Here is my setting. The parts not including below are stay setting default.

  • Check “Compile on Save”.
  • Select “Every SASS file” at “Compile files…” .
  • Check “Directly jump to error”/
  • Check “Show ‘Compile SASS’ item in Tree View context menu”.
  • Check “compile with ‘expanded’ output style.”
  • Input “Filename pattern for ‘expanded’ compiled files”.
    ex)../css/$1.css(relative path from .sass or .scss files)
    This setting determine where css files save in.
  • Set “Tab” at “Indent Type”.
  • Set 4 at “Indent width”.
  • Check “Show ‘Start Compiling’ Notification.”

How to compile?

Just save .sass or .scss files!

sass-autocompile package


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