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  5. Microsoft doesn’t have “common sense”.

Microsoft doesn’t have “common sense”.

They produce bug and improper UI design.

Products from Microsoft often have many bug, improper UI design and development.

For example, Internet Explorer does not accept Some CSS3 properties until now. 

Other browsers follow CSS trends, but  only Internet Explorer does not.

Its developer tool is awkward to use.  It’s  terrible. The element selected does not highlight.   Google Chrome and Firefox highlight the element which is selected now. It’s very easy to understand. is defective.

Did you have used

It is like a “Office” degraded. mail deliver other POP mails once in 30 minutes.

Unbeliebable! This year is 2016. Now we can get web mail realtime, soon. But, Microsoft let me wait 30 minutes!

They must be persons of leisure to be able to wait mails so long…….

Excel Online has poor functions. It doesn’t allow “select all” and “copy functions”. And more, It throw cell reference by clicking other sheets. Who use such a excel?

They are ancient peolple.

I understand their engineerig sense is abnormal by using them product.

They don’t show user any more. They believe their sense is common strongly. 

Microsoft once products epochal OS and made PC  familiar.

But there after, they have conceited in past experience and don’t make an effort to get new technology.

There is no future in their engineering life.


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